Welcome to Clarity

Clarity is a simple, minimalist WordPress theme designed specifically for writers. To make writing the core focus of the theme we’ve stripped out a number of otherwise distracting WordPress features and used clean and clear styling to display beautiful, easy to read text.

What’s been stripped out?

  • Images have been limited to one featured image per post.
  • Widgets are gone, there’s no need for them in this theme.
  • “Pages” have been removed; Posts are the only weapon you need.
  • Menus have been vaporised, all posts are simple available to readers through the home page.
  • Shortcodes are not required and have therefore been dropped.
  • Unnecessary WordPress admin areas have been removed to keep writing posts nice and simple.

If you are looking for a fully featured theme for a business site that has all of the above included do check out some the other amplifiii themes on creative market as these may be more your cup of tea. If however you want a clean and clear site that displays your posts simply and clearly and is a joy to read please read on…..

Things Clarity does have:

  1. Simple, beautiful, easy to read Google Font typography.
  2. A streamlined WordPress admin area making publishing posts a breeze.
  3. 4 colour schemes designed to make your content shine.
  4. Clean, search engine friendly code to make sure Google (and everyone else) can find your awesome work.
  5. Integrated Twitter sharing links, helping readers share your thoughts/dreams and musings.
  6. A responsive design that ensures your content looks fantastic on all devices.

Clarity is so simple and easy to setup all the info needed to get it up and running is contained within the 6 posts on this site. Please keep exploring the site to see just how easy Clarity is to use and to hopefully get started!

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