Image Support – Yes, We Do Do Images!

Whilst words are a core focus of Clarity we do understand how important images can be. Clarity features support for one featured image per post, as you can see above.

The image will automatically scale as the screen size changes to suit all device types. We recommend using a large square shaped image but it’s really up to you to experiment and see what works for you.

To add a featured image, do the following when creating a new post:

  1. Click the “Set featured image” link on the right side
  2. Select an image file from your computer
  3. Wait for the upload to complete and click “Set featured image”

To go back and edit a featured image:

  1. When editing a post, click on the featured image on the right side
  2. Change or delete the image as you wish
  3. Save the post!

We would advise using image sparingly for maximum effect.

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