About Shane

Hello and welcome to Shane Hulgraine’s writing page. Here you will find examples of his work, downloadable content and news.

Keeping it brief, Shane is a writer from Dublin, Ireland, where he currently resides. He studied journalism in college and began writing comedy screenplays before  moving over to short stories that focus on anything from the paranormal, the absurdity of life, to thrillers. He has written two books to date.

His latest novel, Out of the Depths, is set in Dublin and the West of Ireland. In it, three individuals from different walks of life fail to cope with adversity, loss and dejection, while a bleak secret that binds them all unravels and consumes their lives. Over time, the lines of right, wrong, reality and illusion become marred as the story delivers them to a poignant and unavoidable climax.

The novel is currently out for submission. Agents/Publishers interested in reading excerpts, or obtaining a more detailed synopsis, can click here to contact Shane about obtaining a copy.


Shane has had number of short stories published, short film scripts produced and worked as a technology and environmental journalist for and Business & Leadership, as well as The Irish Times online and the Evening Herald respectively. Shane also writes reviews for music website Highway 67.

If you have any queries, or are interested in contacting Shane regarding his writing, follow this link or click on the Contact Shane tab.